Paying Your Utility Bill


The Village of Genoa now offers more options for receiving and paying your Utility bill.

To help receive your utility bills in a more timely fashion, the Village has moved to a new software that will allow residents to receive there Utility bill via email, pay online or have your bill automatically deducted from your bank account. Paper bills are still available through the mail (US postal Service), and payment may still be mailed, dropped off , made over the phone, or put in the Drop Box at the Administration Office.


Printable Instructions to create your online Billing Account!

                               (set up an account)


 Options available 

1. Receiving your Utility bill via e-mail

2. Receiving your Utility bill via postal mail

3. Setting up Automatic payment via your              bank account (E-Check).

4. Paying your Utility bill online via credit card

5. Pay your Utility bill over the Phone, number listed on bill.

6. Pay your Utility bill via our DROP BOX.


 1. U.S. Mail To:                                                           Village of Genoa                                                     Administration Office                                             102 E. 6th St.                                                           Genoa, Ohio  43430


2. To pay online/or set up auto payment, create an account –              

3. Place in Village Drop Box:      

  “New” Village Drop Box: Located                         left of the entrance door at Village                      Administration Office. 

 Big Box

Lets Help Save Water click this link for more information!

 Please note, you will still see an INF (infrastructure   charge) on your water bill of $2.00 for every 8000   gals used. This charge is from the City of Oregon       to pay for improvements to the water plant,   which controls algae bloom conditions and   improves disinfection procedures.


Also you will notice a GENERATION CHARGE on the new Utility bills… this charge has always been included in your electric rate…The new billing system just breaks this charge out and lists it separately for you to see.