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If you have alley access the garage and recyclables, both go in the alley.

Street pick-up is for those properties that do not have alley access.

Recyclables go in the green recycle containers only, and not in boxes or containers of your choosing. Recyclable containers can be picked up at the Administration Office.

There is a four bag, four can limit, garbage cans cannot be larger than 35 gallons.

All Cardboard and cardboard boxes should be FLATTENED AND BUNDLED together.  Cardboard boxes that are NOT flatten will NOT be picked up.

Federal work rules prohibit drivers from picking up larger containers, and the driver will not reach into a can to remove stuck bags or garbage.

Larger containers that can be lifted by the truck can be rented from Waste Management. Information is available at the Village Billing Office or via the link below.

We appreciate your co-operation in these matters as they affect the health and safety of the workers, and insure garbage is properly collected.

Thank you,


  1. Waste Management of Ohio, Inc. will provide waste collection and recyclable activities in the Village starting April 1, 2009.
  2. Recyclable bins (18 gallon, green in color) will be distributed starting April 1 and finishing April 3.
  3. First refuse and recyclable collection will be Monday April 6, 2009 and every Monday thereafter.
  4. When Monday falls on a Waste Management observed holiday, refuse/solid waste and recyclables will be picked up the following day. The Waste Management holidays are as follows:
    • New Year’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day

    All other federally observed holidays that fall on a Monday will have the normal Monday pick up.

  5. Weekly Collection of Refuse consists of a four (4) bag limit (each bag size 35 gal).
  6. Weekly Collection of Refuse and/or Yard Waste is any combination of the four (4) bag limit (each bag size 35 g.) (2 bags refuse + 2 bags yard waste = 4 bags total or 3 bags yard waste + 1 bag refuse = 4 bags total)
  7. Weekly Bulk Collection is available and subject to the following:
    Residents are allowed only ONE bulk item per week from the items below.

    • All appliances with doors (stove(s), microwave(s), toaster oven(s) etc.) must have doors removed before curbside placement.
    • Living room chair(s), table(s), kitchen chairs (6 kitchen chairs are considered ONE bulk item)
    • Sofa(s), love seat(s), mattress(es), box spring(s)
    • Carpeting – rolls not to exceed 2’-0” in diameter and 4’-0” in length (6 rolls are considered ONE bulk item
    • Swing sets must be dismantled before curbside placement
    • Refrigerator(s), Freezer(s), Air conditioner(s), Dehumidifier(s), all appliances with Freon will need to be scheduled for pick up. Items with Freon will only be collected once a month. To schedule a pick-up of these items,
      please call: 1-800-343-6047

      • If the resident has the Freon removed; is certified; and the appliance is labeled as such, there will be no additional expense to the resident.
      • If the resident has not had the Freon removed, prior to pick up, resident will be charged by Waste Management, $45.00.
  8. Approved containers may consist of the following:
    • Approved Bags 35 gallon plastic bags (store supplied)
    • Trash Cans 30-35 gallon plastic or metal containers (store supplied) weight <50 lbs.
    • Waste Management can provide a 96 gal. Refuse Cart, at an additional $3.00/Mo./Unit payable six (6) months in advance. Resident will be billed directly by Waste Management.
  9. Waste Management can provide a 64 gal. Recyclable Cart at an additional $1.50/Mo./Unit payable six (6) month in advance. Resident will be billed directly by Waste Management.
  10. Materials that are NOT considered refuse and rubbish and will NOT be collected are:
    • Any dead animals
    • Hot ashes or burning embers, sewage or body waste, tree stumps, sod, rocks or large stones
    • Building and/or demolition materials, flammable liquids, hazardous materials, dirt, paint and poisonous or explosive substances, or any matter or substance other than garbage
    • No major automobile components will be collected including engines, batteries, blocks, fenders, parts of automobile bodies and used oil
  11. Village residents  may dispose of yard waste at the Village Yard Waste Dump on 4th Street in Genoa, between the hours of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. from April till November.  An electronic gate access card is required and can be obtained at the  Administration Office. All access card require activation for a fee of $30.00 EACH  year.  Should you lose your card at any time an additional fee of $15.00 will be required to replace it, this fee covers the cost of purchasing new cards.