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Main St Paving Project

Main St. Paving Project in the Village
Main St. from 9th St. to 15th St. will be milled beginning Friday Nov. 1st. and then paved the following Monday and Tuesday.
7L Construction will have traffic control on the project and the road will remain open during construction. Please be mindful of the workers flagging, follow their directions, and drive slow.
We apologize in advance for the inconvenience as we work to build a better road.

Davis-Besse Sirens to be tested!

Davis-Besse Sirens to be tested!
At noon on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019 Ottawa County will test the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) sirens for the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station. The sounding of these 54 sirens, which are located in portions of Ottawa and Lucas Counties, will last for three (3) minutes. This three minute activation is an annual requirement. For additional information, please contact Fred Petersen, Ottawa county EMA at 419-734-6900

Merchants, Chamber, Garage Sale

The Village Merchants no longer host the annual Village Garage Sale. All Village wide Garage Sale are now organized by Village residents.

The Village Merchants are now a division of the Village Chamber.  For any questions concerning the Merchants, please contact the Chamber.


Village of Genoa calls on customers to voluntarily reduce electric usage

For Immediate Release …Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Village of Genoa calls on customers to voluntarily reduce electric usage on Friday, July 19

As temperatures are expected to reach well into the 90’s on Friday, July 19, Genoa Public Works is calling on customers to voluntarily reduce their electric usage during the hours of 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
A portion of Genoa Public Works rates are the result of what is known as transmission charges, which are based off community-wide electric demand on the hottest and coldest days of the year — demand peaks. By lowering electric usage on these days, customers can help to keep electric rates lower in the future.
“Once the community’s electric demand rises to peak levels, higher charges get locked into place,” said Mr. Gladden, Village Administrator. “By conserving energy as a community, we can avoid letting these charges get too far out of hand and work to keep prices down for everyone.”
Customers can lower their electric usage by undertaking some of the following simple conservation measures:

• Shutting off lights when you leave a room

• Raising the thermostat by several degrees

• Closing curtains and blinds

• Saving laundry, dishes and other household chores until
later in the evening

• Turning off and unplugging unused electronics and

• Grilling out instead of cooking indoors

Contact Information
Mr. Kevin M. Gladden – Administrator, Village of Genoa
419-855-7791 ext. 225
102 E. 6th St.
Genoa, Ohio 43430